Powell River Academy of Music
Kathaumixw: Spectacular Summer Music

Spectacular Summer Music is a series of festivals attracting professional artists, choirs, instrumentalists and professional orchestral artists. Outreach concerts are presented to up to 30 communities across the province of BC. These festivals promote Powell River as a Cultural Capital of Canada (2004) and stimulate our economy through cultural tourism.

Our Spectacular Summer Music includes the International Choral Kathaumixw, providing an opportunity for Powell River citizens to take part in an international festival further supporting their ability to build strong relationships for a resilient, connected community.

The Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific was a project established in 2003 with initial funding from the Cultural Capital of Canada program. We are very proud of our 9 years of wonderful orchestral and chamber music experiences each June. SOAP offered a unique program that prepared advanced students and young professionals for a career in music performance and in obtaining a position in a professional orchestra. Participants in the program worked with internationally renowned artists from some of the world’s finest symphony orchestras.Symphony Orchestra Academy of the Pacific

The International Harp Academy of the Pacific in 2013 provided an environment of space and time in a beautiful setting, allowing the participants to leave the pressures of academic and performing life behind, a harp "colony" in one of the most beautiful places on earth with mornings entirely free for practice and afternoons devoted to Master Classes covering all the major harp repertoire - woven through with art history, philosophy and consciousness work.Harp